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November 23, 2018

Lake Ray Roberts White Bass Fishing Report

Lake Ray Roberts is at 5.00 feet over normal level.Water is being released at about 2000 cfm. Water temperature is 55 degrees on the main lake. even with the lake flooded Fishing is very good. Fish are in the Fall pattern of feeding on deep structure. We are catching Them on Jigging spoons and flies. This fishing will only get better as the water cools this Fall.

Have fun fishing,


Logan, Wilfred, Boone, David and Tripp on November 23rd

Gary, Linda, Kim and Steve on November 16th

Preston, Chastity, Ava and Brett on October 28th

Craig on October 25th

Zach, Lisa and Art on October 22nd

Becky, Jeremy, Sophie and Haley on October 21st

Elmer and Angella on October 6th

Neal, Noah and J.R. on October 5th

Joshua, Joe, Mike and David on October 2nd

Michael, Cole, Dan, Cody and Chad on September 29th

Steve, Micah and joe on September 25th

Randy, Bob and Gary on September 24th

Steve and Keith on April 24th


George, Joe, Art and Phil on April 20th

Jake, Thomas and Joe on April 19th

Kaden, Bryan, Scott, Coulter and Dan on March 30th

Bear and Sid on March 29th

Debbie, Johanna and Matt on March 21st

Ellia, Melinda, Chris, Evan and Olivia On March 18th

Kyle, Kevin, Jake , Mark, Will and Carson on March 17th

Ronnie, Jody and Logan on March 14th

Cameron, Kelvin and Jessie on March 13th

Peston, Carter and Sheridan on March 12th

Sherry, Jeremy, Zach and Lisa on March 3rd

Tim, Sona, Glory, Cindy, Willa and Sara on December 2nd

Julie and Doug on November 21st

Sunday November 19th

Sue and Casey on November 12th

Ward, Dean, Max and Ralph on October 29th

Wayne and Mike on October 20th

Jeff, Tom and Mitch on September 25th

Gillian, Elijah, Debra and Jack on September 23rd




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