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Lake Ray Roberts

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Tim Wike

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October 7, 2021

Lake Ray Roberts White Bass Fishing Report

Lake Ray Roberts is normal level. Water temperature is 76 degrees on the main lake. Sand bass fishing is very good. Fish are in the Fall pattern of feeding on deep structure and we are catching them on slabs and jigs.

Have fun fishing,


Oscar and George on October 7th

Oscar and Payton on October 4th

Will, Viviana and Todd on October 3rd

Craig, Case and Grace on September 26th

Harold and Jeremy on September 25th

Nick, Thomas and Jacob on September 19th

Gene, Mason, Erin and Morgan on September 18th

Andy, Steve and Bob on September 12th

Hannah, Mike and Michael on September 11th

Shane and Kerri on September 10th


Mike, Rick and Ben on September 9th

David and Andrea on August 28th

Sue and Casey on August 27th

Julian, Jesse and Julian on August 22nd

Cole, Michael, Dan, Richard and Levi on August 14th

Jason, Paige and Jacob on August 12th

Jackie and Keith on August 11th

Sandra, Steve and Hunter on August 9th

Will, Steve and Emily on August 4th

Jason and Cooper on August 1st

Cathy and Ronnie on July 28th

Dan, Dayton and Jeremy on July 26th

Tesh, Maheeb and Omar on July 25th

George and Eric on July 24th

Antoine, Aspie and Antonio on July 23drd

Mike and Montana on July 22ND

Jim, Steve, Dan and Steve on July 17th

Karen, Chris and Caleb on July 16th

Harold and Ken on July 12th

Bryson and Rick on July 10th

Caden, Robert and Brendon on July 9th




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