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Lake Ray Roberts

Fishing Guide

Tim Wike

Sand Bass fishing trips

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Guide, Tim Wike, provides 5 hour White Bass (Sand Bass) fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts. Tim supplies everything you need to catch fish and will fillet and bag your fish after the fishing trip.

David, Stuart and Harper on March 15th

Tanya, Sammy, James and Joe on March 14th

Griffin, Amy, Alan, Cooper, Jesse and Aaron March 7th

Mary Anne and John on March 6th

Zachary, Mom, Sean and Bill on Dec 30th

Dan caught this monster jigging for sandbass today

Steve, Cannon, Dan and Jim December 17th

Ed and Phillip on December 14th

Al, Jeremy, Bryan and Dennis on December 4th

Bryan, Carrie, Landon and Bill on December 1st

Steve, Matt and Alan on November 13th

Bella, Ashley, Jo Jo and Joseph on November 9th

Michael, Luke, Mollie and Damon on November 5th

Selim and Mazin on November 2nd

Bryan, Carrie and Josh on October 31st

Merlin, Erica, Skyler and David on October 30th

Bob, Jim, Marty and Doug on October 17th

Suzi, Jose, and Jose on October 15th

Andy and Shawna on October 10th

Robert, Jeff and Dale on October 9th

Thomas, Connor and Stan on October 7th

Dale and Shawn on October 6th

Russell and Robert on October 5th

Mary Anne and Joshua on October 4th

Dee, Kate and Brent on October 2nd

Garren and Rick on October 1st

Bryan and Carrie on September 28th

Dan, Kim, Phuong, and Hung on September 26th

Tony, Johnny, Drake and Ross on September 25th

Kevvy, Victor and Noel on September 24th

Wes, Kyle, Deacon, Jeanette, Steve and Timber on September 20th

Ben, Owen, Reylee, Jeanette and Steve on Sept. 19th

Jason, Jeff and Harold on September 18th

Andrew, Joe, Josh, Wade and John on September 17th

Benny, Bradley, Ben and Luke on September 5th

Debbie, Gabby, Jo Jo, and Matt on Sept 4th

Michael and Donna on September 3rd

Richard, Rick, Dan and Bruce on August 29th

Wanlin, Birong and Will on August 27th

Courtney on August 25th

Mario on August 20th

Steve, Cannon, Dan and Jonathon on August 13th

Riley, Phillip and Reagan on August 11th

Mellisa and Kaedon on August 10th

Paul and Cameron on August 8th

Kent and Jerry on August 7th

Brian, Caden, Barry, Andrew and Travis Aug. 6th

Patrick, Carter, Gene and Tim on August 4th

Kenzie, George, Wyatt and Natasha on August 3rd

Tracy, Jeff, Jerome and Benny on July 29th

Rex and Miller on July 28th

Art, John, Nolan and Ben on July 24th

Telvin, Elijah and Derrick on July 23rd

Ken and Jerry on July 19th

David, Gonso, Dan, Jeremy and Dayton on July 11th

Hank, Christian and Cory on July 8th

Chris, Angel and Jace on July 7th

Ian and Fernando on July 2nd

Johnny, LA, Raymond, Waymon, Sunday and Gerald on May 28th

Tim's office is a Ranger Reata 1850 RS

Call or email me now to book a trip


I supply everything needed to catch fish


Family Fishing trips

Kids fish free!!!!

Call: 940.368.2712ecell 940-368-2712


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