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Lake Ray Roberts

Fishing Guide

Tim Wike

Sand Bass fishing trips

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Guide, Tim Wike, provides 5 hour White Bass (Sand Bass) fishing trips on Lake Ray Roberts. Tim supplies everything you need to catch fish and will fillet and bag your fish after the fishing trip.

Winter Fishing is very good on Ray Roberts. We are catching them on deep structure using Jiggin spoons and jigs.

Sam and Jim on January 28th

Larry, Jenifer and Jackson on January 21st

Adam and Vivian on December 21st

Kay and Scott on December 20th

Gloria, Maddie, Ariana and Stefanie December 12th

Joan, Ken, Harold and Bea on December 9th

Larry and Igor on December 5th

Patrick, Steve, Jacob and Jarod November 23

Forrest, Charlotte, Alice and Emily on November 21st

Jeff, Larry, Richard and Everette on November 20th

Curtis, Jason and Brian on November 6th

Brady, Jake and Austin on November 4th

Michael, Luke, Mollie, Karen and Damon Nov 3rd

Stefanie, Aviana and Maddie on October 31st

Drew and Jim on October 30th

Trevor, David, Shane and Ryan on October 25th

Miles, Connor and Sean on October 24th

John and James on October 19th

Sammy, Michael, Tonya, Thomas and James Oct 11th

Brock, Rider, Pattie and Rick October 10th

Colton, Emma, Mollie and Dan on October 9th

Kevin and Henry on October 8th

Lou, Jack, Dave and Mark on September 27th

Sophia, Brooke, Skylar and Mick on September 26th

Bob, Mark and Jim on September 25th

Damon, Dorothy and Eric on September 24th

Scott, Jackson, Aaron and Reed on September 20th,

Greg, Kim, Amy and Megan on September 19th

Brett, Daryl, Megan and Lauren on September 17th

Clint and Gary on September 13th

Hayden, Dan, Dan, Aurora and Nicole on Sept 12th

Mathew, Gene, JoAnna and Kylie on September 7th

Clint, Meranda, Lauren and Stefanie on August 29th

Steve, Dan, Jim and Rick on August 28th

Adam, Dana, Olivia and Jaime on August 23rd

Mike, Oscar, Angel, Lily and Oscar on August 22nd

Don, John and Richard on August 21st

Tom and Larry on August 15th

Jeff and Dave on August 12th

Megan and Jason on August 11th

Dan, Ian, Coulter, Scott and Coyt on August 10th

JoAnna and Gene on August 8th

Anson and Lynn on August 7th

Dan, Jack, David and Tim on August 6th

Ken and Joan on August 3rd

Madi, Claire and George on August 1st

Ryan, Wesley and Breece on July 30th

Aviana, Stefanie and Madison on July 27th

Laura and Barry on July 25th

Joaquin, Jesus, Mellissa, Charissa and Ector on July 24

Tim, John, Steven, Johnm Caleb and David on July 23rd

Brian and Austin on July 21st

John, Jacob and Paxton on July 20th

Meka, Michela, Marlin, and Michelle on July 19th

Gale, Grayson and Daylen on July 14th

July 10th

Thor, Kim, Oden, Ellen and Stephan on June 15th

Ben, Randy, Bob and Gary on June 12th

Tim, David, John Caleb, Steven, And John on June 11

John, Misty, Terry, Addison and Jo Jo on June 7th

Sonny, Zachary, Zion and George on June 6th

Jack, Mike, Max, Luke and Jeff on June 5th

Steve, Patrick and Jared on June 3rd

Paul on June 2nd

Emma and Colton on June 1st with the help of their Parents caught this ice chest of sand bass and catfish.

Tim's Office is a Ranger Reata 1850 RS

Call or email me now to book a trip


I supply everything needed to catch fish


Family Fishing trips

Kids fish free!!!!

Call: 940.368.2712ecell 940-368-2712



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